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Community Creates Change.

At Wrigley Coffee, we know that parents without secure housing want nothing more than to become self-sufficient, thriving providers for their families. In order to do that they need to be able to find steady employment that, over time, can lead to a fulfilling career. 

The problem is most parents escaping traumatic home environments lack the practical experience and emotional management skills necessary to get and keep a job, which leaves them feeling hopeless and afraid for their future.


We believe every parent deserves to have hope for a brighter future and access to employment opportunities that will provide the training, mentoring, and support necessary to allow them to take the next step towards independence.

We understand how difficult it can be for people to emerge from physical and/or emotional trauma without a clear path forward, which is why we have paved the way for those in our community with quality coffee, community, and career training. At Wrigley Coffee, we provide employment and critical emotional and skill-based training parents need to get back on their feet and move forward towards a thriving future. 

Here's How

First, we’ll provide transitional employment opportunities to parents as baristas in our coffee shop. Then, they’ll receive hands-on learning from management staff and build the skills and mindsets for sustainable careers. Finally, we’ll help them move confidently into their future with access to next-level jobs that they can turn into careers.

So, help us realize our dream of bringing premium, quality coffee to Wrigley while also providing a brighter future and a path forward for housing insecure parents and their families.

Our Logo

We know so much talent exists within the Wrigley Community and we wanted to highlight that! So, ahead of our launch, we held a contest to help us come up with the logo for Wrigley Coffee. After many submissions, we opened up voting to the community who ultimately chose Lee Fukui's design! Hear more about his connection to the Long Beach area above.

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