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Wrigley Coffee is a social enterprise coffee shop that provides employment opportunities for individuals facing housing insecurity, space for community organizing, space for BIPOC voices, and sources locally roasted beans.

Image by Nathan Dumlao



Through trauma-informed, high-caliber professional development and hands-on learning at Wrigley Coffee, individuals facing housing insecurity develop mindsets and skills for sustainable careers, economic mobility, and enrich their community by providing quality, specialty coffee and community space to the Wrigley neighborhood. 


We believe that no child should have to sleep in a car, in a park, or under a bridge, and that every family deserves a chance to be whole and have a roof over their head again. Through employment advancement and networking, access to permanent living spaces, and sustainable income becomes a reality to all families.

Our Model

We provide career coaching and hands-on training to all of our participants so they are equipped to work and lead in the coffee and food-service industry.  We also provide ongoing mentoring and networking opportunities to increase access and a sense of belonging.

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